"Safeguarding traditions & ancient knowledge to promote development".

AddisPortal is an event oriented magazine, lunched in  2006 operated and published by studioNet has been set up especially to create awareness about Ethiopia's rich civilization. We aim to celebrate, and preserve our enduring, rich, and diverse cultural and historical heritages enabling us to portray the treasure trove of our country's heritage through an array of articles covering the various aspects studied by eminent scholars, researchers and academicians over a long period of time.

The endeavor of the company is to document these facts, history and knowledge and transfer it to the next generation.


AddisPortal promotes creative thinking by bridging the gap between those with an interest in the heritage of the country by increasing awareness and positive thinking.

AddisPortal explore and concentrates on Ethiopian architecture, art, music, special places, events, museums, and history of the nation.

Setting high social publishing standards.

Advertising in the AddisPortal Magazine support non profit causes, while benefiting from the complimentary and far-reaching community communication provided by the Studio Net team.

Enjoying a  thousands of hits per month, the Addis portal web site provides events, nonprofit news, photographs of local landscape, historical monuments, cultural heritages, renowned artists, and a free copy of previous Addis portal edition that can be downloaded by visitors, and more. Optimized for more than 10 leading search engines, such as google, yahoo, AOL and Bing. The site also delivers the latest news about Ethiopia. Visitors can flip through the latest digital edition of Addis Portal magazine and checkout the online Marketplace for local products and services ( Including yours).